Project X- Before Photos

October 21, 2018


When we received the brief for this project, we were elated because this is the sort of project that truly showcases our abilities.

We are used to re-designing already developed properties, however, we are now expanding into construction due to a desire to build and design well thought through homes.

So imagine our joy when our client asked for us to demolish 2 existing bedrooms and turn it into a full master suite including a master bedroom, bathroom & a walk-in closet.

We designed this space following the right design process. Most of the time, we design most homes from our mind’s eye, due to certain factors that are quite common in these parts of the world. Sometimes, clients don’t see the value of having floor plans or CGIs before the design process, while others think its unnecessary since they are only renting.

However for this home, we did things the proper way by sketching our ideas and providing various floor plan options, including CGIs. Plus we carried our client along as is our usual way.

Once approved, we got right to work. this project was completed in roughly about 12-16 weeks. we had to change various structural piping and electrical situations for a more functional space. We redirected all plumbing & electrical works. and also added extra lighting for a well lit home.

the full furnishing, fixtures and equipping (FF&E) is done by us.

Here is a sneak peekĀ of one of the spaces in this project. view other angles on our PORTFOLIO.





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