A family Lounge

May 19, 2018
A family Lounge

One of our most loved spaces to design is a family lounge, which simply means a living room for family time! Usually this space is more relaxed to enable lounging, watching TV and bonding amongst close family and friends!

Therefore, the furniture pieces are usually sectionals; and depending on the size and scale of the area, additional pieces like chaise lounges, ottomans, accent chairs may be added.

For this home, we used our bespoke pieces to design a place for a small family.

A unique blend of cool metallic silver and “lemon curry” (according to Pantone) was combined to create balance and harmony, which is such an important element in all our works.

The blinds and our clients printed art-pieces all come together to give off a minimalistic vibe, which is exactly how our clients wanted it.

We covered the sectional with plush premium velvet and  layered it with soft vivabella & Hermes cushions.

 For us, home is a big sofa and lots of plush Throwpillows, so that when you come in from a hard days work, you truly understand the saying, WELCOME HOME!


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