The Brown Project (Award Winning)

March 22, 2018

Meeting our couple client was very interesting! Our first consultation at the studio was for us to provide our sourcing & styling services initially! They were just coming in all the way from Port Harcourt and headed straight to our studio. They had a deadline to spend Christmas in their holiday home in December! They came in November!

Everyone knows that the end of the year is always so hectic for designers as we try to round off projects for the year & also make time for family.. it was a crazy time!

Additionally, they wanted us to buy furniture! It was kind of frustrating, knowing fully well that we actually manufacture the very best pieces! But a client wants what they want! And time wasn’t our best friend! So we headed out to source!

While looking for the perfect pieces that could fit into their space, we made quite a number of observations!

We couldn’t find the bed sizes we needed for most of the rooms. The furniture design wasn’t just what the client wanted! And when we found something, it just wasn’t the right Color or fit in terms of size! And then the price… was just another story. What a bomber! And time was slipping by!

It was just obvious that the deadline would not have been met! Our client decided that we were the best choice for their bespoke pieces. So the design process with Vivabella started!

The brief was to create Comfortable Understated Luxury. A Holiday home that would serve as a retreat whenever the family visited Lagos!

The husband being a footballer and her a writer, they wanted a home to just chill with their 2 gorgeous boys.

The shared bedroom was so small, so we got creative! We custom made the beds to fit into this space and also created a functional window seat design for the boys!

The framed football jersey belongs to one of her sons who attended a football academy. So we brought in this personal touch for the 2 football lovers!

We love to create additional storage every opportunity we get! So we designed inbuilt storage spaces into the window seat! And added a rustic touch with the custom locally made hand woven storage baskets.

There were 2 guest bedrooms in this home. The guest bedroom above was designed with such beautiful Colors, grey and maroon . Beautifully complementing the headboard that we wrapped in a beautiful deep red premium cotton velvet.

The other bedroom below, is a blend of natural Colors, metallic & aqua. So calming, the Color combination is soothing for guests to relax in. We drew our inspiration from the deep calm sea for this bedroom below.

Fuller angles…

we custom painted these pair of black & white abstract artworks (below) for a more defined finish…

The Master bedroom in this holiday home is spacious and we made sure to create functional sections without overcrowding the space! Also in line with the calm theme of the whole home, we went for soft Colors, rich textures and then last minute, we added warmth with the burnt orange! So unexpected, but that twist was exactly what our client fell in love with…

For this room, I went outside my usual design taste. I brought in an oriental classic touch with the accessories. The curves around the standing mirror, the wall mirror, the huge tassels all added a classic oriental feel to the overall design.

We poured our heart and soul into crafting all the furniture pieces because we really wanted our client to understand the value of having bespoke pieces against just picking up mass produced furniture pieces found in stores.

We painstakingly curated luxury accessories as well. The client loves gold, so the goal was to adorn her space with gold like some sort of Jewelry, but in a really classy way. Above, are detailed shots from the coffee table, side lamps and vase in the formal living room that we designed.

Below: A view of the living room we designed. The harmony of Colors, textures, form and all the other elements is really joyful to behold.


You may have to wait just a little bit to see wider views from the master bedroom & the living/dinning area.

The reaction from our client was so amazing! Although they didn’t get to spend last years Christmas holiday in this space, with patience They got their dream holiday home & a space they would continue to love for a very long time!



    EmmanuelFriday, March 23rd, 2018 8:39 PM

    Amazing job 👌👌👏🏻

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