Project 19

January 2, 2018

Happy New year! Welcome to 2018! 

Last year was so amazing for us at Vivabella Designs because we practically installed new projects like every month! Phew!!! What a wonderful opportunity we have to be able to create beautiful spaces people can actually function in!

Our motto is to create spaces you will continue to fall in love with! And we hope to continue to achieve this in the new year!

So Project 19 was actually the last project we installed in 2017. We were literally still at work around 11pm on New Year’s Eve, 31st Dec. 2017.

This 2 bedroom apartment belongs to our young client who is only 19! Hence the name Project 19!

The Color green was pinned to my moodboard right away as I knew I wanted to inject a nature-like element into the whole scheme of things! 

Moodboard (below)

We created really playful vibes throughout the whole space from the formal living room to the dinning room and the 2 bedrooms! We wanted our client to feel at home in a playful, yet sophisticated space…

All furniture pieces for this project was handcrafted with love and attention to detail by our company.

(Above) Our hand picked unique knob handles always upgrades all our wood works. We added tassels for extra styling! 

(Below) More curated Accessories brings the whole idea for this bedroom to life! Love the green live aloe plant.

The guest bedroom was so ordinary. So I decided to make a bold statement! This bold spicy mustard we chose for the headboard did not disappoint!

Full Frontal View below!

One of my absolute favourite shot from this project were the detail shots from the bedrooms. Totally highlighting the intention to create a playful space! With the use of bursts of Colors as seen above in one of the bedrooms.

We used blue because if it’s boyish charm! Much like our dear client! Who is soft spoken and shy. Combining a mix of stripes & chevron patterns brings in an eclectic style!

Love our custom white patterned soft sheets! All beddings and Throwpillows are hand tailored here in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Dinning Area (below)

Hand bent from scratch, our iron base legs for the dinning was created as some sort of Jewelry for this space! We re-enforced this design on the centre table as well.

We hand selected the colourful cluster of bulb chandelier, keeping in line with our playful scheme all through this space! While the hand-painted art also kind of mirrors the light fixture! 

An upclose detail shot of the dinning legs! Such symmetry!!

We do enjoy designing Dinning areas and this one was not an exception! The use of the rich green Color resonates the Balance & harmony we brought in throughout this home. 

Styling is one of my absolute favourite things to do! We spared no detail with beautiful coffee table books, Hermes Throws, faux flowers and luxury scented candles.

More detail of the legs of the centre table below…

The formal living room from our most recent project. A harmonious use of green…

Enjoy a full view of the formal living room overlooking the dinning area! 

Project 19 was captured through the lenses of my amazing partner and husband, Frank. 


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